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Stedman’s Medical Terminology: Steps to Success in Medical Language

Stedman medical terminologyBy

  • Charlotte Creason RHIA Program Chair, Health Information Technology, Tyler Junior College, Tyler, TX

Lead your students to success with the name you trust! Stedman’s Medical Terminology: Steps to Success in Medical Language is a mid-level medical terminology text perfect for instructors looking for minimal coverage of anatomy and physiology and plenty of hands-on exercises to reinforce learning. Each chapter alternates between term presentation and exercises to ensure that students can apply what they have learned immediately.

Throughout the text, exercises progress in a meaningful way, from recall and review, to word building, to comprehension, and finally to application and analysis through the use of “real-world” case study and medical record exercises. This approach allows the student to actively see their knowledge building and to connect what they are learning to real-life context. A robust, realistic, and relevant art program enhances the text, especially for visual learners.

A full suite of ancillaries, including videos and animations, is available for both students and instructors.

Key Features

  • Simple, straightforward writing style ensures that students more easily comprehend medical terminology.
  • Focus on term components and word building provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to break down and understand difficult medical terms.
  • A variety of exercise types keep the student engaged and build throughout the chapter, progressing from recall, to word building, to comprehension, and on to application and analysis; icons throughout the text identify each exercise’s position in this progression.
  • The exercises emphasize real-world context: case studies place the student in true-to-life situations, and authentic medical records allow the student to experience medical terminology as it is used in the health care setting.
  • Includes thorough coverage of key areas of terminology, including pharmacology terms in each of the Body Systems chapters, plus a separate chapter on oncology.
  • A 16-page full-color Stedman’s anatomy atlas serves as an easy anatomy reference.
  • Robust ancillary program enhances the learning and teaching process for both students and instructors.
  • Includes a starter set of printed flashcards to make studying a breeze.
  • Available Premium Online Course


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