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Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide, 7th Edition

Medical terminology an illustrated guide 7By

  • Barbara J Cohen BA, MEd Delaware County Community CollegeBroomall, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Ann DePetris RN, MSA

Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide, 7e by Barbara Janson Cohen uses a stepwise approach to learning medical terminology. Part 1 describes how medical terms are built from word parts; Part 2 introduces body structures, diseases, and treatments; and Part 3 describes each body system. Individual chapters also build on knowledge in stages: the Key Terms sections list the terms most commonly used; more specialized terms are included in a later section entitled “Supplementary Terms.”

The current edition includes a robust student ancillary package delivered under the PASSport to Success brand, with assessment exercises, chapter quizzes, and searchable text online, and a complete suite of instructor resources. The addition of PrepU as a packaging option provides a powerful value to students – the online study experience helps them to understand and retain course information and helps instructors to better assess what their students may be struggling with.

Key Features:

  •  NEW! Chapter Opener Case Profiles and Case Study
  • NEW! 40 Clinical & Pathology photos
  • NEW! Coverage of Supplemental Terms in Text
  • NEW! Access to Spanish English Translation Pronunciations Online
  • NEW!: Updated representation of health professions; more represented, along with Discipline Images
  • NEW!: Updated design, based on new Memmler interior design to create a more cohesive feel among these two products and to create a core foundational text package.
  • NEW! Resource Guide on Chapter Opener identifies tools to be used with that chapter.  Icons are used throughout Chapters to provide students with tools to reinforce the narrative.
  • NEW!: Robust ancillary program with PASSport to Success™ included
  • Case Studies throughout the chapter
  • Clinical relevancy of the content
  • Organization makes content accessible enough that text can be used as part of classroom instruction, for independent study, or for distance learning.
  • Starter set of 104 printed flashcards; ancillaries include electronic flashcards of all terms in the text, as well as the ability to add additional flashcards.
  • Special Feature Boxes
    • Clinical Perspectives: focus on body processes as well as techniques used in clinical settings
    • Health Professions: focus on a variety of health careers, showing how the knowledge of medical terminology is applied in real-world jobs
    • Focus on Words: provide historical or other interesting information on select terms within a chapter, breaking up what can otherwise become sometimes tedious content
    • For Your Reference: provide supplemental information for terms within a chapter
  •  Access to MyPowerLearning: Learning Style Assessment – Identify if students are Visual Auditory or Kinesthetic
  • PASSport to Success:  Online Student Activities identified by Learning Style
  • NEW! Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs Brand/Generic Flashcards online


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