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Stedman’s Guide to the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules, 2nd Edition

Stedman's Guide to the HIPAA privacy security rulesBy

  • Kathy Nicholls CMT, AHDI-F

Addressing the needs of all health information management  professionals, from medical transcriptionists, coders, and billers to medical office administrators and managers, Stedman’s Guide to the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules has been completely revised to include not only the Security Rule, but also the new HITECH Act passed in 2009. Writing in a lively, engaging style, Kathy Nicholls cuts through the daunting legalese and gets right to the core of each relevant piece of legislation, clearly and concisely explaining the meaning and purpose of the law, while also providing clean, easy-to-follow checklists for compliance. Helpful hints and key items are pulled out and highlighted for ease of studying and retention, and real-world stories anchor the legal information in the real world of healthcare information, demonstrating both the necessity and the application of the law, and enlivening the material. An FAQ section at the end is a handy reference as students move into the professional world, and as professionals need a refresher on key questions. The online resources include dozens of sample forms that can be modified to suit the user’s needs. This concise, clear guide explains even the most complicated of the HIPAA legislation in terms that are easy to understand and relevant to students and professionals responsible for safeguarding the privacy and integrity of healthcare information.

Key Features

  • More than 50 sample templates and policies provide a base for developing your own policies to incorporate into your practice to ensure that you are in compliance.
  • Chapter Objectives identify the most important concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Case Studies provide vignettes of real-world applications to emphasize the practical application of the law.
  • Summary Boxes highlight key issues for more focused study.
  • Illustrations help make complicated topics more accessible and easier to understand.
  • Critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter challenge you to contemplate and apply the information you’ve learned; answers are provided so you can check your understanding.
  • Glossary of key terms, including acronyms and abbreviations, serves as a valuable learning tool and ready reference.
  • A list of industry resources serves as a valuable tool for staying current on these vital issues.


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