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Pathology Practical Book, 3rd Edition

Pathology Practical BookBy

  • Mohan Harsh

The Pathology Practical Book is primarily prepared for undergraduate students of pathology, it is also expected to be useful for practising clinicians and other students of medicine such as those pursuing course in Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Laboratory Technology and alternate systems of medicine. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of various topics with emphasis on honing the skills and acquiring basic practical knowledge in diagnostic pathology and simultaneously preparing the students for viva voce. This book reorganised, revised and updated text and newer images, structured in a user-friendly format of 61 exercises (in 8 sections) on the pattern of actual practical classes of students. Newer exercises on current topics of clinical significance (immunohistochemistry, surgical pathology request form, types of blood samples, anticoagulants and blood collection) and two additional appendices (common instruments and similes in pathology). Listing of key features in the exercises pointwise for easy understanding and reproducibility and richly supported by labelled line-drawings, specimen photographs and photomicrographs.


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