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Public Health and Health Promotion: Developing Practice Edition 2

by Jennie Naidoo, Jane Wills
The aim of this book is to identify the difficulties of working for health – a challenge which health service providers in the UK and elsewhere have to face and expect health care professionals to address. Professionals in this area are increasingly having to shift their attention from health promotion to the broader public health arena. To do this poses specific problems – linking theory and practice, identifying and evidence base and establishing guiding principles and values on which practice should be based. The new edition will continue the emphasis on examples from practitioners work which was popular in the first edition but will enhance this aspect by including a much wider range of case study material reflecting the diversity of health promotion practice. All the case studies will be accompanied by commentaries from the authors allowing the reader to see the relevance to their own practice.

  • New focus on the key issues for practice i.e. what drives practice – evidence, values or theory?
  • New vastly expanded range of examples from practice, each with commentary to put them into context.
  • Three New chapters on Strategic issues: Behaviour Change; Community; Public Health
  • Evidence-base fully updated with recent research
  • New chapters in Section 3 on key challenges for practice: Environmental Issues; Substance Misuse


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