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Principles of Neurochemistry : Fundamentals and Applications

Bijo Mathew, Della Grace Thomas Parambi

This book provides medical professionals and researchers with a comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts and recent advances in neurochemistry, and offers new perspectives for all those involved with research in related disciplines. As drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases is one of the largest subspecialties in the field of medicine, the book addresses topics that transcend the borders between disciplines, and presents a wealth of investigations into and discussions on critical questions relevant to the entire field of CNS drug research. It summarizes the available data on the fundamentals of neurotransmitters, treatment of and advanced care for neurodegenerative diseases; and outlines current and future research directions in this field. Combining both conventional and innovative approaches to the topic, the book offers a valuable guide for readers working in medicinal chemistry, the life sciences and allied fields.


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